A community of inventors co-created financial solutions for the circular service economy

A Community of Practice (CoP) led by Sustainable Finance Lab, co-created innovative financial solutions for circular businesses that aim to do business in a different, circular, way and struggle to attract capital.

The Community of Practice to ‘innovate finance for the circular service economy’ brought together experts from ABN Amro, Allen & Overy, ASN Bank, Avans Hogeschool, Circle Economy, EY, 4CEE, InvestNL, Rabobank, Startgreen Capital, Stichting DOEN, Sustainable Finance Lab, UncInc, Windesheim Hogeschool, and was supported by Finance and the Common Good.

The CoP looked at the role of the CISE platform, a tool that distributes payments and information to stakeholders that collaborate to co-provide a circular service, and how it could support the financing of circular businesses. CISE technology opens up tons of opportunities for circular finance:

  1. It improves the financeability of circular services by creating more certainty from the data that is generated.
  2. But new financing forms that extend the circular incentive to the finance provider become possible as well.
  3. But there is more: finance providers are offered new ways to diversify risks and directly invest in circular assets through innovation as radical as creating a whole new asset class for circular assets.

The key learnings from the CoP are presented in this white paper:

Download the whitepaper

But we are not there yet. To come to the radical financial innovation that the circular economy requires we need to join forces and start experimenting. Want to join us? Contact: e.achterberg@uu.nl.

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