Input for the public consultation of the European Commission on the review of the EU economic governance

Just before the turn of the year, SFL provided input to the European Commission’s consultation on the future of European fiscal rules. Earlier, Harald Benink, Herman Wijffels and Mark Sanders already made a cross towards the new cabinet in the FD. Amid the corona crisis and the challenges facing the EU, including the sustainable energy transition, SFL sees opportunities for more social and greener fiscal policies. At the same time, SFL uses this consultation to make proposals for a stable and sustainable Economic and Monetary Union and more convergence within it. In the consultation input, SFL advocates, among other things:

– Boosting productive social and green investment and taxing pollution through European fiscal and fiscal policies
-Working towards sustainable debt of EU countries in a social and sustainable way
-A European fiscal capacity that draws lessons from the European Recovery Fund

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Input EC Economic Governance