Announcement: International Conference Resetting Capitalism?

We’re very glad to announce that there will be an international conference via Finance & the Common Good programma (FCG) on June 29 2020. FCG is a multiple year cooperation between SFL and Socires. Socires wants, like SFL, systematic changes. There fundamental principles are humanitarian dignity, overall well being, solidarity, and shared responsibility.

FCG aims at a new, alternative paradigm regarding the financial sector. A sector which has positive links with the government and society as a whole. Additionaly, a sector which is designed on the basis of the ‘commons’ principles. Within this aim, it’s crucial to move from a transactional to a more relational financial sector. More background information about FCG can be found in the attachment.

The international conference is based on this thought. There will be three seperate webinars, which are free to attend. The sessions are:

  1. Morning session: A Modern Debt Jubilee
  2. Afternoon session: Long-Term Sustainable Value Creation
  3. Main session: Resetting Capitalism? In Search for Common Ground…

Hopefully you are as enthousiastic like we are and are going to attend one or more sessions. The flyer for the main session can be found below.