Helen Toxopeus

Drs. Helen Toxopeus is a researcher at the Sustainable Finance Lab and the Impact Centre Erasmus (Erasmus University Rotterdam). Within the Utrecht School of Economics she is affiliated with the research group Strategy, Organization and Entrepreneurship. She works on the EU project “NATURVATION” and analyses financing and business models of ecological urban innovation (“nature-based urban innovation”).

Helen Toxopeus graduated with honors in International Economics and Business at the University of Groningen. She then worked 4 ½ years at ABN AMRO, first as strategy analyst and later as innovation manager, where she initiated a sustainable crowdfunding platform in 2008. Then she wrote two books about the sustainability of the monetary system for the ‘Economy Transformers movement’ and the Social Trade Organisation (STRO). Since 2013 Helen is writing her thesis with Prof. Harry Commander and Dr. Karen Maas and since 2015 she is also advisor to the Goldschmeding Foundation.

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