Finance for the Common Good

The Sustainable Finance Lab, in collaboration with Socires, will investigate the possibility of an alternative, Rhineland model for the financial sector. This three-year programme (2019-2021) focuses on research into the transformation to a new financial system. The main focus is “that the countries of the former ‘Rhineland’ (Benelux, Germany, France) still stand in a (cultural, political, sociological) social tradition that could be the breeding ground for a new arrangement between finance, state and society, in which ‘relations’ again precede ‘transactions'”.

Both experienced decision-makers and promising young professionals belong to the target group of the project, which also has an explicit focus on the possible positive influence of fintech. The programme will be carried out by employees of both Socires and SFL under the title Finance and the Common Good. Read more about the ‘sustainable promise of fintech‘ on the SFL website.