Why will we buy ‘light’ rather than lamps in the future?

Perhaps a better question is: “Who will own the light on your bedside table?”

In this lecture at the Dutch University, Elisa Achterberg answers the question “Why will we buy ‘light’ rather than lamps in the future” and talks about her career from econometrician in financial risk management, through permaculture designer, to researcher into the role of the financial system in a circular economy. The revenue model of the linear economy: selling products that are ‘almost broken’ is a thing of the past. In a circular economy, revenue models for the future are developed, in which economic incentives shift to sustainability and cooperation. However, the pressing question that Elisa is currently addressing is how do we ensure that the circular economy is truly a system change and not a business-as-usual situation? Now that the financial world has woken up and is eager to join, it is time to be extra alert. Who is going to make those new circular products and who will take the lead? And who makes sure that the money flows in the right direction? View the lecture here.