Elisa Achterberg

Elisa’s mission at Sustainable Finance Lab is on the one hand working on better aligning the financial sector to the transition towards a circular economy, and on the other hand working on solutions to make the financial system itself more sustainable and resilient by incorporating financial technology innovation and having a system’s perspective. Elisa will be contributing to this goal by building bridges between business and academia through conducting academic research on sustainable and circular financial topics and identifying financial challenges and potential solutions in close collaboration with Circle Economy. Elisa envisions a world that does not revolve around money but around quality of life.

Elisa graduated as MSc. Econometrics from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in 2012 and worked for three years as a Financial Risk Modelling Consultant at RiskQuest. As a Risk Consultant she mainly worked for Insurance Companies, Pension Funds and Banks, principally developing and validating risk models. Whilst working she started an education in Permaculture, i.e. designing regenerative and self-maintained ecological systems in sustainable architecture, water-management and agriculture. Circular economy applies inspiration from nature on economics which joined three worlds in Elisa’s life: Permaculture, Finance and Modelling.

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