Towards a wellbeing economy

In the recent report ‘Towards a wellbeing economy’ a think tank of young economists argues how the transition to an economy focused on wellbeing can be made. This report is part of the project ‘Future Markets Consultation’, led by former Dutch prime minister Jan Peter Balkenende (EUR) and prof. Govert Buijs (VU).

Sam de Muijnck (chair), Elisa Terragno Bogliaccini and former SFL colleague Jim Richard Surie formulate the following recommendations:

  1. Focus policy on wellbeing rather than solely on economic growth in terms of GDP. Businesses should be focused on long term value creation rather than short term profits.
  2. Steer towards the democratisation of society: Citizens should be actively involved in society and should be represented in organisations.
  3. A re-appreciation of the public sector: Actively enable society to ensure the wellbeing of its citizens and to achieve democratically chosen missions.
  4. A fair energy transition with CO2 dividend, a prosumer economy and purposeful industries.
  5. A more diverse and serving financial sector. Financial products should be less complex, there should be a coordinated debt jubilee and the sector should move from a privately held, profit driven form, to public money creation where money is brought in circulation without interest and on a debt free basis.