The Circular Service Platform

The Community of Practice consisting of Sustainable Finance Lab, Circle Economy, Nederland Circulair!, Bundles, Rabobank, Allen & Overy, ABN Amro Bank, ING Bank, DLL and Leystromen presents the Circular Service (CISE) Platform, a community-maintained infrastructure for managing value in circular networks.

We developed a solution that facilitates cooperation and coordination in circular service networks by radically lowering the administrative costs and providing transparency in the network.

The CISE Platform, based on distributed ledger technology, functions as a flexible, open, and community-maintained facility for anyone that has the ambition to contribute to a circular economy. It unburdens circular service network participants by automating administration and improving coordination and trust in the network.

“What makes the CISE Platform unique, is that it is collectively owned and maintained by circular service providers themselves.” – Elisa Achterberg, Project Lead at Sustainable Finance Lab

The system has been piloted on Bundles, during this Community of Practice to ensure applicability to the circular economy. Bundles is a circular company that provides its customers with the service of ‘clean laundry’ and charges them per washing cycle . Circular entrepreneurs keen to pilot a pay-per-use value proposition are encouraged to make use of the solution.

“How do we ensure that the value created with our asset is made transparent, that everyone is compensated according to their performance and that upsides and downsides can be shared?” – Marcel Peters, CEO Bundles

Whereas the CISE Platform can be used to drive commercial circular activity in the future, the platform itself is not-for-profit and has no direct commercial interest. We believe that such a platform could be transformational to the circular economy, enabling circular service networks in a wide array of sectors. To realize this potential requires tremendous effort, dedication and cooperation. We have taken the first steps, but a long path still lies ahead. The support of many is crucial to its success. We invite anyone that is interested in being part of the circular economy to join our network and engage with us in future developments.

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Download the whitepaper on the CISE Platform here.