SFL Webinar on circular finance innovation

Innovative financing models for the circular economy

Thursday 10 February 15:00 – 16:00

There is a need for innovative financing models for the circular economy. Thursday 10 February 3-4pm you can join the discussion on this topic in an online session with leading Sustainable Fin-tech experts from all over Europe. The reason for this webinar is the recently published white paper Circular Service Finance: Innovating Finance for the Circular Service Economy.

During this session, Elisa Achterberg, author of the white paper and Rens van Tilburg speak with Cecilia Repinski, CEO of Green Assets Wallet and Manuel Born, co-founder of Payactive. Together, they will discuss what business and finance should look like in the circular future. They will draw out the roadmap that will lead us there, using the tools at our disposal today. Will you join us?

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About the speakers

Cecilia Repinski
Cecilia is the CEO and Founder of Green Assets Wallet. She is an innovator and series entrepreneur. As a well reputed sustainable finance and investment professional, Cecilia has 20+ years of experience in the finance and investment industry worldwide. 
Manuel Born
Co-Founder @payactive | The regenerative payment platform for corporates | We’re Payment & Digital Innovation Experts, focussed on FinTech, PayTech, Impact & Tech4Good. I help with UI & CXM.
Elisa Achterberg
Elisa is a multi-passionate entrepreneur in circular and regenerative finance
and a researcher at Utrecht University. She has a background in Econometrics
and previously worked for Circle Economy and the Sustainable Finance Lab.
Rens van Tilburg
Rens is an economist and director of the Sustainable Finance Lab.