Karen Maas

Karen Maas is an assistant professor at the Erasmus School of Economics and Director of the Executive Program ‘Corporate Social Responsibility‘. Her research interest revolves around  impact and measure strategic impact that can be given to sustainability ambitions. Here she looks for example at (multinational) companies, investors and governments. She also investigates effects of efforts to put sustainability on the map, accelerate or enhance its interest. Some examples are: the use of CSR targets in rewards, now that or no sense to improve CSR performance. Impact investing, how is that different from, say ESG investments and what does it represent to social impact? Shareholder activism and engagement, which choices are made, and we also see that the outcomes. In 2009 she was awarded the CSR impact measurement. Karen has previously worked for 12 years as CSR consultant.

Publications: Why aren’t evaluations working and what to do about it

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