Financing circular business models


The opportunities for investing in circular business models are in the meanwhile widely recognized. Higher resource productivity, higher asset utilization, long-term relationships, mitigation of input price volatility, increased quality of earnings and tapping into new markets all make sense from a business perspective. But current methods of investing do not match with the reality of circular business models. Both businesses as well as financiers need to adapt. Sustainable Finance Lab and Circle Economy jointly worked together and suggest three steps to bring investments in circular business closer:


1. MASTER Circular Business with the Value Hill

Companies can adopt various circular business models. The Value Hill provides companies with a tool to position their business in a circular context and to develop future strategies for doing business in a circular economy.

Download the Value Hill

2. CREATE a financeable circular business in 10 steps

An economic viable business model is not per definition also a financeable business model. This report gives circular businesses practical tools to attract funding for their business.

Download the 10 steps

3. EMPOWER financial decision makers for a circular economy

Interested to learn how financiers can play a role in the circular economy?

Download the 6 guidelines for financiers